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Military Kids – Fit for Life!

Military Kids-Fit For Life (MKFFL) is a new LPE program that was launched October 26th at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. In 2014 we plan to continue our tour and take this program to select military bases throughout the United States.


MKFFL program addresses the ongoing issue of obesity along with stress management.  Our program provide tools for long term success, and encourages the best emotional and physical outcomes for both Military youth and their family. This LPE fitness program is part of our LPE Military Youth Fitness & Music Tour.


Project Bear Essentials

In December 2010 LPE launched a new program for children ages pre-school through age 12 years. Our program is called Project Bear Essentials (PBE). This program is designed specifically for children who have a parent deployed or who might soon deploy. The goal is to help them as they manage emotional stress due to a parents deployment and to acknowledge each child for their own service to our country.  It came to our attention that many young children have difficulties in school and at home dealing with stress due to deployment. The PBE program deals with kids having issues due to the frequent-long term deployments and the possibility of troops returning home with injuries.  Stress has become a more serious family issue. Our program is designed to help those children who might be at risk to better deal with this type of stress. At the same time our main focus is to recognize each child for their service.

This is a 45-60 minute program for approximately 30-50 kids ages 3-12. Rotating 30 children at a time into sessions. Our Program Director will read 1-2 books that stress the fact that these children serve too. After reading time ends we will begin a small craft or art project.  Then the children will have a chat session, which will last for 15-20 min, allowing them to open up and discuss their life as a military child.  Our goal is to help parents (who are required to attend) open up a new dialogue to assist their children with any emotional issues they might be having.  LPE’s main goal is to recognize all military children for their service to our country.


Military Youth Fitness & Music Tour

LPE is taking our exclusive programs on tour to 15+ Military bases and locations! In addition to our two main programs, entertainers have been chosen that will put on a concert designed for your youth.  To sign up for our tour please contact our office by email.  There is no cost to your base for this tour.

*For more detailed information on our LPE Military Youth Fitness & Music Tour please email us.

*If you are working with children on a military base and are interested in learning more about our programs, please contact us via email.


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