MD-TEC Fund Program

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Our organization raises money through donations to support a unique program we call MD-TEC Fund (military dependent – tuition, emergency, and childcare fund).

The main purpose of this fund is to offer monetary assistance for family emergencies and financial support for childcare to help the spouses of deployed military personnel. In addition, when our funding is available our organization provides tuition for military dependent children to attend summer camps of their choice.

A recent survey tells us that many spouses of our deployed military have the need for childcare assistance to participate in continuing education. In addition, they encounter other emergency situations that require financial help. We know that in times of deployment it is even more difficult for these women to manage the unforecasted storms on their own. Our government and military provide help from several sources, but MD-TEC Fund is designed to help fill that gap of support that sometimes needs filling.

When approved through our application process, the MD-TEC Fund is designed to provide financial assistance for this need. In addition, the MD-TEC Fund offers other emergency financial assistance for families, and provides tuition for young children to attend a summer camp of their choice.

Please check back for more details as we move forward with this program.

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