Deployment Package Program

Family Deployment Package Details

The LPE Family Package was designed for our military families. It is our goal to deliver this package to each family dealing with deployment. It is our way of saying how much we love and appreciate them for their service and sacrifice.

Items in our package can offer emotional and psychological support for family members. Research shows that items similar to those in our package help meet these needs for people in similar stress-related situations.

LPE Family Deployment Package Contents:

  • Little Patriot Bear (designed for this program and for the arms of all children in the military)
  • Ink Pen (to write their loved one)
  • CD (soothing and relaxing music for the family as well as returning service member)
  • Adult Writing Journal (a way to express thoughts and feelings)*
  • Childs Writing Journal (a drawing and writing journal for children)*
  • Hand-made Quilt (to provide comfort)*

*items only available when in stock



It is our goal that every child of a deployed military person receives a “Little Patriot” teddy bear. We want to encourage journal writing for adults and children as a way to express their thoughts and emotions. Our soothing and relaxing music will be a welcome sound in the homes of these families.

Please help us to provide these items for the spouses and children of our United States Military.

Make your contribution today by mail or online.

You will find more information on our DONATE page!


If you’re a military family that would like a deployment package, please click the button below and fill out the form to be put on our list.



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