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Little Patriots Embraced is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation. The organization was incorporated in the State of Missouri in 2004.
Our mission is to reduce the emotional and psychological stress faced by the families of the deployed U.S. military. Our goal is to deliver our mission through various programs.

Our main objective with LPE is to help reduce the emotional and psychological stress that military family members have due to separation, relocation, or death of a loved one. In addition it is our plan to thank these military familiy members, with a special focus on the children, for their sacrifices for our country.

We have created several programs to help families deal with stress.
The LPE Family Deployment Package is given to families and includes several exclusive products that are known to reduce emotional and psychological stress. The package includes: teddy bears, infant receiving blankets, a patriotic quilt, soothing and relaxing music CD, writing journals, a magnetic card holder that holds essential contact information, and a book written for young children having stress and other emotional issues due to deployment.
These products are designed specifically for the unique needs of our military families and are supported by research. (Research has shown that items similar to those in our Little Patriot’s family deployment package help meet the emotional and psychological needs of those in similar stress-related situations).

Another program is our MD-TEC Fund. This program will provide supplemental financial assistance in the form of tuition for children’s summer camps, family financial support in times of emergency, and financial assistance with child care for spouses in need.

Even though these are our main programs, we also plan and carryout special events such as bowling parties, youth activites, teddy bear parties and teddy bear drops for the children of active military personnel (where every child receives a LPE teddy bear). These events have been well attended and very successful.
We have been asked to expand this program in other areas of the country when funds become available.



*Attempt to reduce emotional and psychological stress on military family members by providing them with a family package containing items, that in similar situations, have proven to reduce emotional and psychological stress.

*Provide financial assistance so that all children of our deployed military can pay for a summer camp of their choice.

*Provide emergency help to families of deployed military who find themselves in financial crisis situations.

*Provide financial assistance for child care to help spouses left behind who are in crisis situations.

*Plan and carry out special events specifically for the children of our military.

*Unite citizens all around the country through community awareness events. It is our hope as we achieve this objective, citizens of the United States will better understand the needs of military family members and the sacrifices they make for us.



Little Patriots Embraced is comprised of an Executive Board of Directors whose primary responsibility is oversight. Those working within the organzation have a responsibility to manage both the organization and programs, reporting to the Board of Directors in all important matters.

Fundraising activities are conducted under the supervision of our Director of Development. Our organization conducts an array of activities throughout the year that include “Pennies for Little Patriots” (cash containers where we collect cash donations), golf tournaments, auctions, benefit concerts, and other events that will increase public awareness of Little Patriots Embraced while generating monetary donations from the general public. In addition we are actively seeking grants and corporate partnerships.

LPE also has an Advisory Committee and Honorary Members who assist our Executive Board of Directors in their efforts. These great people believe in our objectives and goals and act as advisors donating time and money, as well as securing in-kind donations to our organization.

If you are interested in participating in our organization whether on our Advisory Committee or as an Honorary Board Member, you can find more information here.



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501 (c)(3) Little Patriots Embraced


For more information on our organization, contact our office

Additionally you can always reach us by phone –
Toll Free: 877-448-3573 (877-GIVE-LPE)
Local (in St. Louis area): 314-821-5800

Carol Watanabe
Executive Director



Carol Watanabe
Executive Director

Dawn Greenwell
Vice President

Holli Kercher

Sarah Roberts

Janette Nicholson
Sally Weigel


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